Playing soccer at an elite level can be extremely rough

It takes total commitment, daily sacrifices, and a passion to endure the ups and downs of the game. You need a top-rated soccer coach who understands the lifestyle demands of playing at an elite level and who understands what it takes to make it there. James Burns is the co-founder of FirsTouch Futbol, a soccer training program created by a top-rated collegiate athlete. Our innovative soccer training program will take you to the next level and help you achieve your dreams.

The Secrets to Finding the Best Soccer Coach

As you know, you need support to make it to the next level. Yet, not every soccer coach is created the same. So what should you look for as a soccer player in a coach?

You need someone who knows how to motivate you. When you are playing a tough match or you are struggling in a game, the right words can make all the difference in your play and the outcome.

Playing soccer in the Central Valley at an elite level takes years of dedication. You need an elite-level soccer coach who has the patience to put all the pieces in place in your game to ensure you will be successful at any level.

The drudge of everyday practice can most definitely take its toll. Having a great soccer coach in Lathrop / Manteca who can inspire you each and every day in small ways makes all the sacrifices and heartaches worth it.
Even when you’ve all but lost the game, you need a cheerleader. You need a soccer coach who supports you 100% no matter what, who always has your back, and who will defend you if need be. Elite soccer play requires tough skin, and when you are feeling down, having someone pick you back up is crucial to success.


When you are playing and competing in any sport at an elite level, you need to know your why. If you don’t have a full understanding of why you’re doing what you are doing, you will fail when the going gets too tough to handle — which it will at some point in your career. We suggest putting your why in writing, memorizing it, and putting it in a prominent location where you can look at it everyday, such as your bathroom mirror. Your why will be what gets you through the close losses, the missed goal, the penalty that cost you the game. It will also be what ensures you wake up the next morning craving the game.


Once you know your why, contact our elite soccer training program. We promise to invest our heart and souls into you and your purpose, to help you achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations, and to make you into the soccer player (and person) you want to be. Our cutting-edge elite soccer training program in the Valley led by James Burns is the best. Don’t wait one more day; apply today!


The world of competitive soccer can be cut-throat. With so many kids aiming so high, it can bring out the worst in others. You need to take whatever support you can find and hold onto it. Here at FirsTouch Futbol, we promise to help be your guiding light through the storms, your beacon of hope, and your lifeline whenever you need it the most.
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